Galaxy S III mini - How to use USB-OTG

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Galaxy S III mini - How to use USB-OTG

Postby feri » Sun May 25, 2014 7:40 pm

silber1 wrote:TRANSLATED from German:

Have installed the paid version, but my S III mini does not recognize the pendrive. Also other drives do not work :(
Always a message appears: "reconnection to USB stick 0 01.0170 01:00."
Is there a solution?

I have bought a S III mini and found out, how to use it with USB-OTG.

A video instruction:

It works reliable, but it is somewhat quirky and you need a power supply.

The trick is, that the S3-Mini recognizes the micro-USB mode at boot time.
The micro-usb plug can be used for accu-loading or as USB-On-the-Go.
A mode change to USB-OTG is only possible during reboot.

Here the description:

1. As hardware a USB-OTG Y cable with power supply is needed.
Here are two examples: ... B00EJP5XR2 ... B00CXAC1ZW

The cable has a micro-usb plug, which fits into the S3-Mini,
one micro-usb plug, which fits into the charging cable
and one usb-plug into which fits a pendriv.

2. connect the Y cable with the charging cable

3. connect the Y cable with the S3-Mini.
The phone beeps and the green accu icon shows a white flash for charging.

4. press the on/off button for 3 seconds, a menu appears with device options.
Select the bottommost option "Restart".
The device is rebooting.

5. After logging in you can see, that the accu-icon does not show the white flash any more.
The micro-usb plug is now in USB-OTG mode.

6. connect a pendrive with the Y cable.
The USB-flashdrive is recognized and a dialog appears,
which app should be granted access to the attached usb device.

7. the power supply is no longer needed,
the charging cable can be unplugged from the Y cable.

Two further notes:

The unlocked USB-OTG feature is not permanent.
As soon as you reboot your device or attach a power cable,
the OTG-Mode is deactivated and has to be unlocked again.

Always use "restart" to unlock the feature.
I tried to power on the device with attached USB-OTG cable
and the device did not start any more.
I had to remove and reinsert the accu to power on the device.
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