ERROR reading folder '/xxx/'

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ERROR reading folder '/xxx/'

Postby feri » Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:52 am

This error occurrs suddenly when opening a folder of your attache USB Stick.
The error is reproducible.
Every time the same folder is opened the same error message occurrs: "ERROR reading folder '/xxx/': class ..."

Technical Information
When opening a folder for the first time, the complete file informations of the folder are read.
If there are any unexpected values or some expected values missing an error is thrown.
There are two possiblities for this error:
1. Your stick contains corrupt file informations
2. The plugin is making wrong expectations and needs a bugfix

To be sure your folder does not contain corrupt data you can browse the folder under windows and test it using "chkdsk <drive>:" from the commandline.
If chkdsk finds an error you can fix the error using "chkdsk <drive>: /f".
If chkdsk finds no error it is very likely, that you have found a bug in the plugin.

You can help fixing the bug by collecting extended debug informations when reproducing the error:

1. Start the "USB-Stick Plugin-TC" app, the settings page appears:
usbstickplugin_settings_extendeddebugmode.png (15.35 KiB) Viewed 372393 times

2. Check the first two checkboxes on (Debug-Mode and Extended-Debug-Mode).
3. Start Total Commander.
4. From the Home-Screen open "USB-Stick Plugin".
5. Attach your USB-Stick.
6. Open the folder causing the errror.
7. The error message appears.
8. Open "send debuginfo.txt using mail".
9. Select your mail app.
10. change the subject to "question: folder".
11. send the debuginfo to
12. Uncheck both checkboxes in the settings to deactivate the debugmode.

Thanks for your help.
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