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Error: "read block 1 (512) failed, missing=499"

PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:39 pm
by feri
How can this error occurr?
This error occurrs when attaching an USB-Device.
A error massage similair to this is shown: "Internal Error reading USB Stick: class java.lang.RuntimeException - no valid partition found: read block 1 (512) failed, missing=499.; ..."

Technical Information
This error can have different reasons.
It is a communication problem between the Plugin and the USB-Device.
In most cases the attached USB-Device is a Multi-Card reader.

Currently there is no solution for this, except for using another USB-Stick.
Perhaps it has something to do with insufficient power supply,
you can retry after loading the android battery to 100%.

If your device has this error reproducible, please post the exact model number.