Error: "send inquiry failed"

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Error: "send inquiry failed"

Postby feri » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:30 pm

How can this error occurr?
This error occurrs when attaching an USB-Device.
A error massage similair to this is shown: "Initializing USB Stick failed: LUN 0: send inquiry failed: -1;, ..."

Technical Information
This error can have different reasons.
It is an initialization problem between the Plugin and the USB-Device.

This error can occurr, if the right to access the USB-Device was revoked from the USB-Stick Plugin.
Perhpas an auto-mounter was started by the OS or another app was granted the right to access the stick.
If your device automatically mounts the USB-Stick you do not need this plugin. Look under the folder "/mnt/..." whether your device is listed.

To avoid conflicts with other apps try following the installation instructions from step "3":

Also some Multi-Card Readers cause this error, which do not have inserted a Card or a defective card.

If your device has this error reproducible, please post the exact model number.
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