Installation Guide and first steps




USB-Stick Plugin for Total Commander (Android)

Step 1. Install „Total Commander“


Download and install from the Google Play Store:

Total Commander


Step 2. Start „Total Commander“


If the USB-Stick Plugin is not already installed do the following steps


Step 2a) Select „Add plugins (download)“



Allow to open the link in a browser.

A list of available Plugins appears.


Step 2b) Select free test version of „USB-Stick Plugin“:

Step 2c) „Google Play Store“ opens, click „Install“

Step 2d) After installation the USB-Stick Plugin appears in the Total Commander Home screen.

Step 3. Select „USB-Stick Plugin“


An empty folder with one dummy file „reconnecting to USB stick...“ appears.

Step 4. Attach the USB-OTG cable and then the USB-Stick. If you have a MicroSD Card reader, like from Meenova, first insert your microSD Card and then plug in your reader.


Your Device should start blinking and after a short while a dialog appears, asking you to grant the Plugin access to the attached USB-Device.

Click „OK“.

ATTENTION: If this dialog does not appear, then there is either a hardware problem or a known bug in Android 4.3 (Issue 58277) might cause problems.

I recommend the App OTG Troublshooter for a detailed analysis.

Step 6. The first time a USB-Stick is attached the Google-Play License Server is queried and the release notes are shown. So it is important to have an internet connection at this time, otherwise a Google-Play-Error will appear.

Step 5. If you have other USB-Mass-Storage aware apps installed a second dialog might appear querying to select which app should be granted access to the USB-device and autostarted.

Just press the „Back“ button or click outside of the window.

Do not select an app to access the USB-device, because the rights granted to the USB-Stick Plugin are revoked then. This does not cause any damage to the device, but an Access-Error for the Plugin is shown.

Step 7. If the USB-Stick is FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT or NTFS formatted the root directory is shown.

You can use the Total Commander functionality to copy, open, stream or delete files or folders. NTFS formatted sticks can only be read.


If you have any questions or problems, please visit the forum.